Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about sports nutrition and our products. If you cannot find the answer your are looking for or have a suggestion what else can be included, please email us under

Questions about our Energy Gels

Why use energy gels during exercise?

The use of energy gels is advisable when the body performing under continuous high effort over a longer period of time. Energy gels are a simple and efficient method to provide the body with the necessary energy such as carbohydrates and minerals. Gels are also easy to transport and user friendly.

Can I make my own Energy Gel?

In theory you can mix your own carbohydrate gels. Ingredients such as maltodextrin and fructose are freely and easily available in the marketplace. However, you will need to know the exact combination of other ingredients such as sodium or magnesium to create the right energy gel. Having to find a method of transporting your gels in suitable packaging, develop a tasty gel and a variety of flavours as well as the time it takes to physically make an energy gel goes against the “DIY”-version of sports gels.

Do you have energy gels without fructose?

The SQUEEZY ENERGY SUPER GEL does not contain fructose. The DRINK GEL, SUPER DRINK GEL and the TOMATO GEL contain Isomaltulose and are therefore suitable for athletes with fructose malsabsorption.

Do you have energy gels that contain caffeine?

SQUEEZY offers a whole range of products that contain caffeine. They are recognisable with their red packaging design and the name “SUPER”, e.g. the SUPER DRINK GEL and ENERGY SUPER GEL.

Do you have energy gels I can take without drinking?

Any consumption of energy gels requires generally that you drink water with them. The exeption is the DRINK GEL by SQUEEZY. This particular gel has a high water content which negates the consumption of water when taking it.

Can I test the energy gels?

We are not able to provide free samples. However, there are a number of options how you can try SQUEEZY products

  • We are represented at sport trade shows and offer sampling and special offers
  • We sponsor many sporting events where you can enjoy SQUEEZY products as part of the feed stations along the course
  • In our online shop you will find a number of sampling packs on special offer which offer you the chance to try a number of our great SQUEEZY products

You find more information in the section SQUEEZY TESTING.

Can I dissolve the energy gels in water?

Theoretically, yes. However, the flavours in our gels are fine tuned to the concentration of the gel. Once diluted with water these do no longer match our concept. If you look for a product for your water bottle you are advised to look at the sports drinks range from SQUEEZY. These powders are easily mixed water.


Questions about our Sport drinks

Why use sports drinks during exercise?

Sports drinks are a simple and efficient way to provide the body with energy, minerals and hydration. If you are carbo loading before, supply with energy and nutrients during or recovery after your efforts: SQUEEZY SPORT DRINKS offer a suitable product for each phase of your training and competition

I use sports drinks - do I still have to drink water?

If you drink SQUEEZY SPORTS DRINKS you do not need to drink water to absorb the carbohydrates. However, if it is very hot it is advisable to drink water in addition to the sports drinks in order to compensate the loss of water from sweating.

Can I combine the energy gels and the energy drinks?

Generally, yes. However, you have to be mindful not to exceed the amount of carbohydrates and that you stay within your carbohydrate allowance you know you can digest every hour.

Nutrition and Sport

How often and how many carbohydrates do I have to take on?

There is no “one size fits all” answer to this question. The individual requirement of energy varies from athlete to athlete and is influenced by a number of factors, such as

  • Physical factors (age, weight, height, gender)
  • The course (vertical meters, road condition)
  • Type of physical activity
  • Individual performance and intensity

As a guideline you can calculate between 30g – 80g of carbohydrates per hour, depending on the intensity of the activity.

Online Shop

How can I contact SQUEEZY if I have questions or problems?

Where can I find an overview of the SQUEEZY product range?

In our onlineshop we have divided our product offering into the ranges of gels, bars or drinks. You can view this overview in the section titled “product categories”.

Alternatively, you can view the full list of products under the "Catalog" section at the top of the page.

Do I have to pay postage?

Shipping costs €4 anywhere in Ireland and includes next day delivery.